Early holiday get-together for the Toborowski family

The Toborowski clan came together in Marathon Florida Keys for some quality family time that included a little fishing.

Jerry and Jane, from Newnan GA, Dan and Bonnie, from Illinois, and Michelle, from Virginia, know the importance of spending time together and, since they’re scattered for the holidays, they decided to make the Keys their shared destination.

We fished a couple of my favorite Bay wrecks and the gang had a blast catching mangrove snapper and Spanish mackerel.  I’m always thrilled when I have a newbie on board, so it was very important for Bonnie to catch her first fish, which she did in a snap!

Once their fish was cleaned they were pretty amazed at how much they had to take with them.  I’m sure they enjoyed their fresh Florida Keys fish for a couple of meals, at least.

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