Lobster Snorkel Charters

SeaSquared is pleased to offer Lobster Snorkel Charters!

We offer lobster snorkel charters during the regular lobster season, which opens on August 6 each year, and we continue through about early October or as long as the lobsters remain in water shallow enough to snorkel. 


We offer a 4-hour trip for up to 6 people, and provide all the nets, tickle sticks, measuring devices and gloves.  You are covered under our charter licensing.

You provide your own snorkel gear - mask and snorkel and fins are a must!  You can bring you own, buy it at Publix or Walgreens in Marathon or rent a set at local dive shops in Marathon.  We recommend Captain Hook's (305-743-24440), Hall's (305-743-5929) and Tilden's (305-743-7255).  We suggest you acquire your snorkel gear prior to your trip with us so you can become accustomed to it.

One of our Crew members gets in the water with you and teaches you how to locate the lobsters and tickle them out of their hiding holes. They know the ropes and will insure you have success.

Scales and Tails Charters

If you’d like to add some fishing to your lobstering, our Scales and Tails Charter is just for you!

A morning 4-hour trip to the reef for some fishing for snapper and whatever else is biting, an hour long lunch break and an afternoon 4-hour trip to the bay for lobster snorkeling. Again, we provide everything you need for fishing and lobstering, and we will clean your fish and lobsters for you.

Now, that’s a day on the water!

How to Go Lobstering in Marathon Florida Keys

This video, produced with us by our friends at Visit Florida, provides a glimpse into the fun of lobstering in Marathon Florida Keys!


The Florida Spiny Lobster

The Florida Spiny Lobster lacks the distinctive large front claws of its northern cousin, the American or Maine lobster. Instead, it has feelers, or whips, protruding from its head. A warm-water crustacean, the Florida lobster is harvested for its tail meat.

Florida Lobster Season

A two-day lobster mini season takes place the last Wednesday and Thursday of July each year. This is a time when lobstering is open to recreational harvesters only.  On August 1, the commercial lobstermen are permitted to set their gear and allow it to soak until the opening of regular lobster season, which is August 6. At this time lobstering is open to both recreational and commercial harvesters. This season runs through March 31.

Florida Keys Lobster Regulations SeaSquared Charters Marathon Florida KeysSpiny Lobster Measurement

Spiny Lobster must have a minimum carapace length of greater than 3-inches, and the measurement must take place in the water. The carapace is measured beginning at the forward edge between the rostral horns, excluding any soft tissue, and proceeding along the middle to the rear edge of the carapace.

Florida Lobster Regulations

Monroe County (the Florida Keys) has its own unique set of lobster regulations, and they are strictly enforced.  The bag limit is six lobsters per person per day. This applies to both the mini season and the regular season. A valid Florida saltwater fishing license and crawfish (lobster) permit are required when you go lobstering, UNLESS you are lobstering on a professional charter boat that carries the required license to cover all paying passengers.

If you are lobstering on your own, rather than with a licensed charter company, you may want to print the regulations for Monroe County.

Is lobstering for you?

You will be snorkeling in spots 8 to 10 feet deep in Florida Bay, and there will be some current.  You need to be able to hold your breath for as long as it takes to get your body to the bottom, tickle the lobster out of its hiding spot and get it into your net, probably at least a minute.  If you have some snorkeling experience, we suggest you practice in a pool or other water of similar depth prior to your trip with us.  If you have never snorkeled before, this is probably not how you want to start.  And, if you have any health issues at all, this is not the activity for you.

This is snorkeling, not diving.

On SeaSquared's lobster charters, you are snorkeling, not diving.  You need to provide your own snorkel gear, which you can purchase or rent locally in Marathon if you do not own it.  We do not allow dive gear on our boats, and do not provide dive charters of any kind.  

No spearfishing allowed.

The state of Florida prohibits the harvest of lobster by spearing.  For the safety of our guests and crew, SeaSquared Charters does not allow spearfishing at any time.

Will you catch your limit?

That is impossible to predict.  We've experienced banner lobster seasons and dismal lobster seasons.  How many keeper-size lobster you catch depends on the perfect combination of lobster population, weather and water conditions and your own ability.  We will put you on the spots and get in the water to coach you.  The rest is up to you and Mother Nature.

We invite you to join us for your own Florida Keys lobster snorkeling adventure with SeaSquared Charters!

Capt. Chris and Christy Johnson
Owners/Operators, SeaSquared Charters

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