John and Teri each get their first tarpon!

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John and Teri Jordan, from Manhattan IL, have fished with SeaSquared many, many times but they had never done battle with the silver king.

I was a bit concerned that the tarpon bite had slowed down, but we were very pleasantly surprised when we got to Bahia Honda.  We saw plenty of fish rolling, but the real treat was the massive numbers I was reading on my fish finder.

John and Teri are quick learners and it took them no time at all to pick up on what Jason and I taught them about drifting their live crab baits back and watching for their bobbers to disappear, indicating a bite.  Good thing, because it was fish on within minutes of their first drifts.

Teri got the first bite.  As instructed, she moved to the front of the boat to fight the fish.  She did a great job and got the tarpon to the boat only to have it snatched away by a monstrous 15-foot hammerhead shark.  What a show!

John got the next bite and, after a 20 or 30 minute battle, brought the 110-pound tarpon to the boat for a photo opp.

Since this was the Jordans first tarpon trip, Christy came along to take pictures and share the experience with them.  The third tarpon bite went to her.  She did a great job, even with an injured right hand, but handed the rod over to me to seal the deal.  Alternating between reeling in the fish and steering the boat, I got a successful landing.

The action continued with two more bites and two more landings – one for John and one for Teri.  John brought his tarpon to the boat for a successful release.  Teri, on the other hand, lost hers to another hammerhead after it was landed.

Bite number six came near the end of our outing.  After a spectacular jump, the tarpon spit the hook and swam off.

The final score was five landed tarpon for six hook-ups, with the fish ranging from 70 to 110 pounds.  With high-fives all around, we headed back to the dock and celebrated with a few adult beverages at Porky’s!

Here are some video clips …

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