Mangrove and mutton snapper were the catch of the day

Mangrove and mutton snapper were the catch of the day for Don Stetser, Joe and Sue Piekarski

Captain’s Blog – March 9, 2010 – Marathon Florida Keys – Another trip to the patch reefs for the Piekarski group from New Jersey.

A big slug of cold water slowed the fishing down but not to the point we had no catching. Sue and Joe Piekarski and their friend, Don Stetser, kept their rods bent the whole trip. We came back to the dock with plenty of nice size lane and mutton snapper for them to have for dinner.

I had my first encounter with a scorpion fish.  My hand blew up in seconds.   I calmly called Christy and asked her to look up the effects on the computer.  “Soak the affected area in the hottest water available and seek immediate medical attention.”  Yeah, right.

Sue’s comments: “Great experience despite the chilly weather.  Caught a nice variety of fish.  Chris is smart, thoughtful and efficient.  Thanks.  Hope there are no residuals from the scorpion fish!”

No, Sue, I’m just fine!  But not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon!

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