Marathon Florida Keys Monthly Fishing Forecast – January 2012

It’s time to work off the holiday pounds, and there are plenty of great winter fishing options in Marathon to give you a good work-out!

Big game options

Sailfish reign supreme at the reef edge off Marathon throughout the winter months.  If you can handle it, the rougher the better for catching these acrobatic billfish.  A good north to northeast wind really puts the sails on the feed.

Most often, we catch sailfish spraying ballyhoo on the reef in just 20 to 30 feet of water.  There’s nothing more fun than chasing after the fleeing ballyhoo with the frigate birds diving overhead as you pitch a bait directly toward the sailfish.

If you don’t find the sailfish trailing the ballyhoo, you can work the reef edge in the 100- to 200-foot depths by live-baiting pilchards or ballyhoo.  Kite fishing with goggle eyes or small blue runners also proves worthwhile.

Sailfish are not the only ones to attack these baits with abandon.

The mighty kingfish roam the same areas.  The kings average 10 to 20 pounds this time of year with some real smokers of 60-plus pounds making their way to the boat on occasion.  You may even encounter some wahoo and winter dolphin for a tasty addition to the cooler.

Reef and wreck offerings

Yellowtail snapper are abundant on the Marathon reef and will average 16 to 18 inches.  Copious amounts of chum and a variety of frozen baits or fresh shrimp are the key to attracting these succulent specimens.  You may also get some delicious hogfish in the same areas.

The inshore wrecks hold nice size mutton snapper in the 10- to 15-pound class plus fair numbers of amberjack.  These fish respond to live baits such as ballyhoo or pilchards, but pinfish will also do the trick.

Mackerel and mangroves in Florida Bay

Affectionately referred to as spotted speedsters, Spanish mackerel give you a good run for your money and are excellent on the table or in the smoker.  Chumming plus live shrimp, small pilchards or pinfish drifted back in your slick works best.  For lightening strikes, fish a bucktail cast back and retrieved rapidly.

Once you get your limit of mackerel, move to a near shore wreck or bank and catch yourself a nice bunch of mangrove snapper.  These fish respond to the same offerings as the Spanish mackerel, which makes it a nice stop on your way home.

Florida Keys smoked fish

To learn how we brine and smoke mackerel and for our smoked fish dip recipe, please drop us an email at

Cobia and more on the Gulf wrecks

On the far Gulf wrecks in the Marathon area, you will find a wide variety of species willing to bite, including king and Spanish mackerel, bluefish, mangrove snapper, cobia and even some hard-fighting jack crevalle.

Chum and live bait are the best approach, with pinfish being my favorite bait.  For some exciting action with the big kings, nothing beats a blue runner either flown from a kite or tethered to a balloon.  You will attract fish in the 40- to 50-pound category.

The crew at SeaSquared Charters wishes you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012 filled with family, friends and fishing!  And, remember, only 120 days until grouper season!

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