No surprise: the ladies caught the biggest fish!

Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report, Capt. Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, April 11, 2011

I am never surprised when the ladies catch the biggest fish or the most fish.  I have a lot of theories about why this happens, but I think it mostly has to due with their superior listening abilities.

Such was the case today for Bill and Anne Swinford and Bert and Beverly Sparrow, all from Lexington KY.  They fished a half day with me.  Our intention was to go to the reef for snapper, but conditions were a tad lumpy when I got to the Atlantic side of the Seven Mile Bridge.  No problem.  We turned around and hit one of my calm spots in Florida Bay.  That’s the beauty of fishing out of the 7 Mile Marina in Marathon … there are multiple venues a short jaunt from the dock and I can always find a calm place for some good fishing.

The crew threw back a bunch of short gag grouper and some less-than-legal size snapper, but put 12 nice keeper 14- to 17-inch mangroves in the box.  A gallon Ziplok bag full of tasty fillets.  Bill is the chef of the group and planned to cook for his fellow anglers back at their condo at the Royal Plum Club in the Coco Plum Beach section of Marathon.  I can’t wait to hear how it all turned out!

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