Ohio family enjoys best day of yellowtailing I’ve ever had

Ken Snyder with one of the 20-lb kingfish caught


The Snyder family with friend Ted Sander


Captain’s Blog – November 24, 2009 – Marathon Florida Keys – I’m not sure who was more excited about today’s catch – the anglers or me!    

The Snyder family returned to the Keys from Ohio for some quality Thankgsiving family time together.  Prior to the turkey feast, we had one of the best days of fishing in my career.  Conditions were perfect, with moderate temperatures, bright blue skies and wind and current in the same direction.    

Dad Jim and brothers Steve and Ken are no strangers to a rod and reel.  They do a lot of lake fishing back home and have fished during many vacations, including a memorable trip to Hawaii.  The ladies on board – mom Kathy and Ken’s wife Dawn – had a tad less experience with “ocean fishing” as they called it and were thankful for the assistance of all the guys, including me.    

There’s fishing …. and there’s catching!    

The group was quite explicit about their desire to “take a cooler full of fish back home to Ohio,” so I first headed to my favorite yellowtailing spot.  No sooner had I put the first block of chum in the water than we were surrounded by a glistening and flickering yellow mass.  The fishing commenced to silliness.  It was all I could do to keep the hooks baited.  In very short order, we put a limit of yellowtail up to 20 inches in the boat.  We easily threw back another 30 fish and lost a few to the big bull sharks.  Hands down, it was the best yellowtail bite I’ve  had in a long time.    

We also caught 8 rainbow runners – a SeaSquared record for a single outing.  Using a speedo rigged under a balloon, we caught a nice pair of 20-pound kingfish to round out the harvest for the Snyder family.    

There’s comments …. and there’s praise!    

I always receive a polite “thank you” and quite often an enthusiastic “great trip” from my anglers.  But the comments recorded by the Snyder family caused me to remember why I love my job so much.  I love taking people fishing, especially families.  For Jim Snyder to comment “Chris delivered in spades” and “Chris knows where the fish are and how to catch them” just plain makes my blush.  Very appropriate during Thanksgiving week for me to be reminded of how thankful I am for my clients and for the awesome fishing opportunities we have in the Florida Keys!    

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  1. Dawn
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    Great picture of my husband. He really enjoyed bringing that Kingfish in. Once we got the hang of fishing without setting our hooks, I think it went pretty well. I hope we can fish like this again someday. It was my first time ocean fishing and I really loved it. Thank you so much for a wonderful time!!

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