Sharkin’ adventure for Pennsy men


Matthew Strother hooked up to a 9-foot bull shark on New Year's Eve. Note the historic Seven Mile Bridge in the background.

Captain’s Blog – December 31, 2009 – Marathon Florida Keys – After watching one of our YouTube videos, Nicholas and Matthew Strother convinced their father, Joe, to treat them to a sharkin’ adventure with me.  

The Strother family was enjoying one of their many visits to the Keys from their home in Derry PA.  New Year’s Eve started out bright and sunny, and we set out at about 10 in the morning in search of toothy critters.  

Exactly which spot I choose for sharkin’ depends on the tide and water temperature.  On this trip, I took the Strothers to one of my favorite spots on the oceanside of the Seven Mile Bridge.  I set up the string of barracuda cicles (aka shark candy), which created a lovely, stinky slick and it didn’t take long for the sharks to move in.   

In all, the guys hooked a 9 foot bull shark and two blacktips that went about 5 feet.  They also hooked and landed two very large nurse sharks.  As with all our shark trips, all fish were released unharmed.  This is strictly catch-and-release fishing!  

I highly recommend these sharkin’ adventures for great family fun fishing.  Once the action gets going, it’s non-stop and everyone on board generally gets a chance to land a large and toothy sea creature they may only ever have seen on the Discovery Channel!

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