Snapper & hogfish for dinner for the Smith family


The Smith family is all smiles with their catch of snapper, hogfish and Spanish mackerel

Captain’s Blog – January 22, 2010 – Marathon Florida Keys – The Smith family from the Buffalo area added a fishing charter to their annual vacation to Coco Plum Beach and Tennis Club.  

Dad John enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day on the water with three lovely ladies – his daughter-in-law Lesley, wife Suzanne and daughter Katie (left to right in the photo) .  I took them to some of my favorite patch reefs for some snapper action, and we weren’t disappointed.  Despite having quite a few fish “upgraded,” we caught tons of snapper, released a lot and kept 18 mangrove up to 18″ and 3 lane.  A hogfish and 3 Spanish mackerel filled out the fish box.  

I will brine and smoke the mackerel and mail it to the Smiths.  They planned to dine on the snapper and hogfish at Castaway Restaurant in Marathon.  

We also caught and released a large number of red, gag and black grouper – so many that I lost count.  The grouper were so aggressive, they came right up to the boat and stole many of our snappers.  We also had a whopper of a kingfish at the boat, but he made his escape just in the nick of time.  

John and Suzanne’s son – Lesley’s husband – was deployed to the Gulf by the Navy today, so we wish him luck and a speedy return to his family.

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  1. Derrick Johnson
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    Glad we have another happy guest! Some of the finest fishing in the Keys!

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