Syracuse carpenter pounds it out in the Florida Keys

Jim Sollecito returned to fish with SeaSquared Charters and brought along his friend, Tim Gates. 


Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report – Capt. Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters – December 19, 2010

When Syracuse landscaper Jim Sollecito arrives in Marathon each winter, he likes to bring his head carpenter, Tim Gates, along just to take care of the needs of his place. And to treat Tim before he heads back north, Jim likes to get out on the ocean with SeaSquared Charters, providing Tim with enough fillets for the long cold winter up north.  

After church, Tim and Jim went fishing with me, and they were blessed with a boxful of bounty.  We fished in Hawk Channel, and the pair caught endless number of mangrove snapper.  They were very picky and kept their limit of the largest specimens.  They also brought back lane and yellowtail snapper along with a mess of Spanish mackerel for the smoker for Jim to enjoy with his family during the holidays.  They released a bunch of short red, black and gag grouper, but Tim can now say he’s gotten his first grouper!  Next time it will be a keeper!

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