Marathon Florida Keys: dinner and a show for Rochelle men

Doubled-up shark action along with a limit of mangrove snappers. Tom and his thirteen-year-old son, Evan, put their limit of mangrove snappers in the cooler. And then proceeded to catch and release countless lemon sharks up to about 7 feet … Read More

Chuck & Charlie Lohta, day two

With dinner in the cooler from yesterday’s yellowtailing, we set off for a show today. Double hookups for most of the morning, with Chuck and Charlie landing more than twenty large lemon sharks. Not sure why they wouldn’t hold up … Read More

Shark fishing adventure for father-son from Jersey

Bull and lemon sharks kept them busy! The first shark to take a bait today was a young bull.  We primarily get lemon sharks, with the occasional bull and blacktip, so I was really pleased to see this guy show … Read More

Danielson family fishing, day two: sharks!

The Florida Keys fishing adventure continues with Dinner and a Show! When you book a fishing trip in the Keys, you need to be flexible as to what type of fishing you’ll actually get to do.  Weather plays a big … Read More

Family fun fishing for toothy critters

The Drelicks had an awesome time catching and releasing 10 sharks! Everyone had their turn at the rod. But Mom, Kim, caught the most! Dawson fought and landed a 6-foot lemon shark on 15lb test! And, the sharks enjoyed their … Read More

Pure pandemonium: 18 sharks in 4 hours!

Ron Bernhard wanted his grandsons to fall in love with fishing in the Florida Keys. We’re pretty sure this shark fishing adventure did the trick! Everyone had their turn at bringing in the huge lemon sharks. At the end of … Read More

Marathon Florida Keys Monthly Fishing Forecast – April 2012

The term “spring ahead” took on a whole new meaning this year. The unusually warm winter has sped the fishing into fast forward.  We anticipate seeing species this month we wouldn’t normally expect until May. Tarpon There have already been … Read More

Dinner and a show for the Hoffman family from MI

There was no lack of toothiness on this shark fishing adventure! While we were fishing for the Hoffman’s snapper dinner, we had an 8-foot hammerhead shark come right up to the boat!  We had it on the line briefly before … Read More

Fun for the whole family!

Chad McDaniel wanted his kids to experience fishing in Marathon Florida Keys … … and he wanted to catch something big! Anglers: The McDaniel Family from Tucson AZ Charter Type: 4-hour Dinner and a Show (combo snapper and shark fishing) … Read More

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