Mangrove dinner for the Swan family

Nice day of fishing for Jim and Barbara Swan with their grandson, Ross Swan, from Culpepper VA. We first headed to the reef to target yellowtail snapper.  Unfortunately we found that fishing on the slow side and put only one … Read More

Family fishing for mangroves in the mangroves

Annual visit for the Volkert clan. Christy’s family, the Volkerts from Long Island, are here for their annual visit, and we were happy to get them out for a quickie snapper trip. Predictions were for a windy day, so we … Read More

Biggest mangrove ever on the SeaSquared!

Day one for the Deelsnyder family netted a bounty of good-eating fish. Chris and Pam Deelsnyder and their daughters, Jordan and Shelby – from Leesburg VA – spent a half day fishing the reef with the intention of bringing home … Read More

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