The Baran Family’s first Florida Keys fishing adventure

Captain’s Blog – January 29, 2010 – Marathon Florida Keys – Paul Baran’s Christmas gift to his family was a trip to the Florida Keys, and he treated them to a stay at Tranquility Bay Resort in Marathon. 

They wanted to include a fishing trip as part of their holiday but were concerned about young Connor getting seasick.  I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Connor’s mother, Amy, as well as Paul and assured them I have many calm bay spots to fish and Connor would be so busy catching he wouldn’t have time to think about being green.

It just so happened Capt. Marlin Scott was broadcasting his From the Water radio show live from the 7 Mile Marina on the morning of the Baran’s trip.  Connor was thrilled to talk on the radio about his upcoming trip.  When asked if he was worried about getting sick, Connor replied, “I’ve read Capt. Chris’ blog and I know I’m going to have a great time.”  Gotta love it.

It was my first trip to the bay since our apocalyptic cold front.  Conditions were calm despite a strong south wind.  We hit three spots – the 7 Mile Bridge, then out to a small wreck just north of the bridge and we ended up around the banks about four miles from the bridge. 

I was pleased to find loads and loads of fish waiting for our hooks in all spots.  We caught all sorts of snapper, from mangroves to lanes to small yellowtails, plus Spanish mackerel.  Assorted by-catch fish, such as catfish, blowfish, blue runners and grunts, are a good indications things are returning to normal in the bay.  The family had a huge pile of fillets to cook for dinner that night back at Tranquility Bay

I could tell right off that the Barans are a fishing family.  Connor had a rod in his hand before we had even anchored up on the first spot.  They are all good anglers and had no problem baiting their own hooks.  They catch steelheads back in central Pennsylvania and have taken many fishing trips to Canada.  Son-in-law, Mark Lacey, brought his fly rod to the Keys and I sent him to Coco Plum Beach to cast for barracuda.  I’m waiting for his report!

I was delighted to take the Baran family on their first salt water fishing adventure in the Florida Keys.  In case you’re wondering, Connor never acquired even a tint of green. 

Here are the comments Paul left on our survey sheet:

“Capt. Chris and Christy are tremendous.  Christy’s information about sites and restaurants is most helpful.  Capt. Chris was true to his word.  All of us, but especially Connor, had an extraordinary fishing experience.  We caught a variety of fish and created memories for a lifetime.”    

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