The Birthday Kings!

Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report, Captain Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, January 21, 2011

Three guys spend three days fishing in the Florida Keys to celebrate 30th birthdays!

It was a 30th birthday celebration for Grant Goodwin from Batesville AR and Chris Lewis from Chico CA.  They brought their friend, John Drymon, also from Batesville, along for the festivities.

The trio stayed in Conch Key Cottages and spent the first two days fishing with flats and backcountry guide extraordinaire Capt. Diego Cordova of Flat Out Fishing in Marathon.  They caught mangrove snapper and some mackerel.

The crew spent their third day of fishing with me on the SeaSquared and they were looking to set their harms to hurting.  We hit the reef in search of king mackerel.  While waiting for the kings to show up, we tried to catch the 18- to 20-inch yellowtail snapper that had shown up in our slick but were thwarted by more than one Goliath grouper who also wanted a yellowtail dinner. 

The kings appeared when we had about a hundred pilchards boiling in the baits.  The crew threw hook baits to them and caught five, with the largest weighing in at 35 pounds.  All of them are headed for the smoker.

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