The guys get their dolphin … plus some

Group of friends from Tampa has an outstanding day fishing offshore of Marathon Florida Keys.

Brothers Savio and Sidney Fernandes, Patrick Gall, Thomas Banea and their token lady angler, Lyell Moniz, kicked off their long weekend at Coral Lagoon Resort with a day of fishing with Capt. Chris Johnson and SeaSquared Charters.

About 25 miles to the south of Marathon, we found a good weed line and it was loaded up with dolphin.  Unfortunately a pod of porpoise found the dolphin too and scared them off.

We moved on and found a second very large school of dolphin, and we had these all to ourselves.  We proceeded to put 32 dolphin in the boat, with the largest at about 15 pounds.

One of our lures returned a dolphin and a 15-pound wahoo.  Two for the price of one!

We added another small wahoo and a 7-pound tripletail to the catch and called it a day!  Two hours of fish cleaning later and I sent the gang on their way!

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