The mangrove snapper fishing was so good the anglers said “My arms hurt!”

Marathon Florida Keys Fishing Report, Captain Chris Johnson, SeaSquared Charters, February 5, 2011

Amy and Dan fled the Chicago winter to spend some time in Key West.  They drove to Marathon to fish with SeaSquared and a pair of our regulars joined them – Frank Tansley from Beachwood NJ and Jim Sollecito from Syracuse and Marathon.

Conditions were a tab bit on the bumpy side, but the beautiful thing about fishing in Marathon is there’s always someplace to go for good catching.  I took this group to the Seven Mile Bridge and they proceded to put the hurt on the mangrove snapper.  They had no trouble catching their limit of nice size mangroves in the 15- to 16-inch class and probably threw back an easy 100 more keeper size fish.

Dan and Amy took their fillets back to Key West to enjoy and the rest of the fish was feasted upon at Castaway Restaurant in Marathon.

Dan emailed us saying , “Amy and I had a blast fishing!! Chris did a great job!! Hanging out with everyone was a good time.” 

And … that’s what fishing in the Florida Keys is all about!

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